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Felix Friedrich

About AntsInFields

AntsInFields is a framework originally intended for simulation and statistical inference on Gibbs Fields and has emerged as a framework for (stochastic) image analysis and statistical simulation. AntsInFields is written in and for Oberon and uses the package Voyager. It has been developed since 1997 by Felix Friedrich. For details see the more info. section.

Voyager and AntsInFields are both distributed under the terms of the GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL) as published by the Free Software Foundation. The operating system Oberon is distributed under an own copyright of the ETH Zürich. For details see the copyright text (www.antsinfields.de/copyrights.txt) and the full version of the LGPL (www.antsinfields.de/LGPL.txt) .

Note: AntsInFields is now contained in the official distribution of the Active Object System for Windows and will be kept alive there (as it is still used quite frequently). However, it is not subject to further development.

Questions? Please contact me at ants@antsinfields.de .


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